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Amazon Prime Video has partnered with Studiocanal and picked up Radioactive, the biopic of two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. As part of the deal, Amazon is co-financing and has picked up the international rights to the film – outside of France, Germany, Australia/New Zealand and the UK – where Studiocanal has direct distribution options.


The film stars Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) and charts the scientific and romantic passions of Marie and Pierre Curie, and the huge impact of the discoveries of the husband and wife team in the 20th century. The film is being directed by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), who previously described the movie as being about “life, love, passion, science and death”. She went on to add:


“This film is not just a biopic about this exceptional woman. It tells the story of radioactivity from its discovery until today, the humanist approach of the Curie couple with their discovery, the cynicism of some about its use and the effect it has had on our world until today”.


The film just began shooting in Budapest, with the script being written by Jack Thorne, based on Lauren Redniss‘ 2010 graphic novel Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout.


While Amazon has decided to go big or go home when it comes to the TV series they’re producing, it seems they still have a desire for all kinds of films. Radioactive won’t likely be a huge draw to general audiences, but it should be a fascinating film and is coming from a very talented and unique filmmaker.



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