We Have The First Look Of Upcoming Film ‘Billy Boy’ | Film Trailer


The upcoming film Billy Boy reunites former Glee cast and crew members. When you now think that we will get a sweet romance here then you are very wrong! The writing debut of Blake Jenner who also takes on the male lead role in this film is far from being a romance. In fact, it is a thriller which seems to be able to give you the chills.


The story follows a young teenager called Billy who spends his evening a little differently from others. He commits crimes and steals cars with his friends but after one of them is found dead he wants to change his lifestyle. His girlfriend Jennifer tries to help him with that but it seems as this won’t be as easy as it may sound.



Melissa Benoist who is currently seen in Supergirl will play the part of the girlfriend. The film also stars Grant Harvey, Nick Eversman, Nathaniel Stroud, Melissa Bolona, Greg Germann, Jim Beaver and Andre Royo. It’s produced by Jenner himself alongside Robert J. Ulrich, Mike Jenner, Cooper Ulrich and Bradley Buecker, the latter also being the director. It will be released on June 10.



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