Wes Anderson Could Be Returning To Stop-Motion Animation | Film News



Fans of Wes Anderson’s delightfully odd venture into the art of stop-motion animation, Fantastic Mr. Fox, can rejoice. Sources say that the writer/director is once again planning to delve into the world of models, miniature sets and painstaking frame-by-frame movement.


This time around, Anderson will reportedly be swapping out the woodland critters for a cast of dogs. At this moment, not much else about the project is known, apart from the fact that it is already in its pre-production stages. This is very exciting news seeing how well the stop-motion look goes hand in hand with Anderson’s unique compositional style, as well as his offbeat sense of humour. Let’s hope none of the dogs in the film meet the same fate as poor old Buckley in The Royal Tenenbaums.



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