David Cross And Bob Odenkirk Reunite For ‘W/ Bob & David’ | TV Trailer



Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are probably best known for their supporting roles in long running TV series. Odenkirk starred as the wily low-rent lawyer Saul Goodman, who handled an increasingly unhinged Walter White’s finances in Breaking Bad, while Cross‘ offbeat role as Arrested Development‘s flamboyant therapist turned actor altered the way millions of people saw the Blue Man Group.


However, in the mid 90s, the two comedians had a sketch show by the name of Mr. Show. Nominated for four Emmy Awards, the series followed fictional versions of Cross and Odenkirk, and featured a shifting line-up of alternative comedians, including Sarah Silverman, Dino Stamatopoulos and Jack Black. After over a decade apart – not counting HBO’s Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks which both comedians wrote for – the duo are reuniting for new sketch show W/ Bob & David, which will air on Netflix next month.


The series will be comprised of four half-hour long episodes and a one-off hour long special. Although creative control lays in the hands of Odenkirk and Cross as with Mr. Show, the tone of the show has been stated as lighter, faster and less complex than their previous project. From the trailer we can see the two comedians are on form in front of a live audience; the ‘Heaven is Totes for Realz’ sketch already has me in hysterics. W/ Bob & Dave will be available on Netflix from November 13. Check out the trailer below:




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