‘Wildling’ Gives A Dark Twist To The Normal Werewolf Theme | Film Trailer


Wildling just had its world premiere at SXSW and it was a huge success for the debut film by German director Fritz Böhm. Such a huge success that the film will make its way into the theaters and On Demand.


Bel Powley plays the main character, Anna. The girl has spent her whole childhood in isolation with a guy that she only knows as ‘Daddy’. He told her about the Wildling, a monster that lives outside and eats children. When she is 16, she is released by Ellen, a small town officer, that gives her shelter too. But her childhood nightmares return disrupting the possibility of a normal life.


The film also stars Liv Tayler and Brad Dourif. Both of them have some experience with horror film as Liv starred in The Strangers and Brad who portrayed Chucky in the Chucky films. The film will hit selected theaters and On Demand on April 13.




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