Will Chris Rock Come For Hollywood Establishment At Oscars 2016? | Film News

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The 2016 Oscar Awards ceremony is already being labelled in the media as the most controversial event of this awards season but what makes the situation even worse is the fact that Chris Rock is hosting the ceremony and is not afraid to voice his opinion on the current crisis in Hollywood regarding the ‘Oscars So White’ race scandal.


Chris Rock has a notable track record in controversial comedy and throughout his career has used this asset to his advantage. Rock might have been hired by the Academy as a political gesture to help challenge racism in the industry however such an appointment could potentially be counter intuitive.


Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes is a classic example of somebody who has used the host platform in the past as an opportunity to verbally attack and insult the Hollywood elite. Chris Rock could follow in the same direction as Ricky Gervais with many fellow African American actors left feeling frustrated and upset with the current Hollywood establishment.


It seems likely Chris Rock will utilise this frustration within his comedy and help poke fun at the Hollywood establishment for racial discrimination. Whether Chris Rock leaves a lasting impression on the Hollywood establishment after the 2016 Oscars is difficult to predict, however he must not shy away from what is most important and that is to help ridicule and mock the academy for its unfair and bias treatment of ethnic minorities in the American Film industry.



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