Will Smith Demands Answers In New Trailer for ‘Concussion’ | Film Trailer



Before he blows comic book fans away as ‘Deadshot’ in Marvel’s Suicide Squad, Will Smith has taken a break from his usual high budget blockbusters to remind us of his high quality acting abilities. Directed by Peter Landesman and based on Jeanne Marie Laskas 2009 GQ article Game Brain, Concussion tells the story of one doctor’s journey to uncover the truth about the severity and long – term effects concussions can have on NFL players. Watch the trailer below!



Just like any film surrounding one of America’s biggest industries, the NFL are aware that controversy is bound to follow which could results in negative press for the billion dollar company. However, the director was quick to defend his choice to create a film that depicts such a serious subject surrounding the health of some of the highest paid athletes in the world.


“This is not a movie that is intended to take down the NFL or destroy football. I love football and played it college. This is a move that all audiences can watch, enjoy, learn from, but also be mesmerized by what I think is actually a ground-breaking performance, maybe the best performance Will Smith has ever given”.


Other cast members staring in this dramatic thriller include Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson and Smith’s Suicide Squad co-star Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeConcussion opens in theatres on Christmas Day.



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