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The hype for The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2 was kicked up a notch yesterday at the London premiere, where the cast took to the red carpet for one last time in celebration of the the film series. Based on author Suzanne Collins’ dystopian adventure novels, the movies so far have earned over $2 billion in just three films and is the 20th highest grossing-film franchise of all-time.


The fourth, and final film in the franchise follows Everdeen’s final battle as she sets out to assassinate President Snow alongside her closest friends – Peeta, Gale and Finnick. Although currently no future novels are planned, several cast members have revealed they would be happy to return if the chance arose.


Actor Woody Harrelson, who plays District 12 survivor Haymitch stated: “I wish she (Collins) would write 20 more books. I’d do these forever, I love it”. Additionally, Peeta Mellark actor John Hutcherson explained: “If (Collins) wrote something that she felt needed to be told and Peeta was a part of it, I absolutely would jump in”.


Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has played protagonist Katniss Everdeen since 2012, was established as the highest-grossing action heroine this year. Lawrence depicted “I would definitely read it,” with regards to Collins producing new material. See the epic conclusion in UK cinemas on November 20.



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