Will Stellan Skarsgård’s Character Erik Selvig Appear In ‘Thor 3’? | Film News



All we hear from the Marvel world right now has to do with the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil World, the trailer of which has kept people and media talking for the past few days. Nonetheless, there is much more coming up now that Marvel is entering the phase 3 films, and a crucial movie for this passage will be Thor: Ragnarok, third movie of the Asgardian god franchise.


While Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are going to wear, respectively, Thor and Loki’s clothes again, another familiar face that might make a comeback is Stellan Skarsgård‘s one, who played Dr. Erik Selvig in both the two Avengers movies and the two Thor movies. The actor, when asked about his return on the movie, had this to say to Digital Spy, ‘They have an option on me. I don’t know what decisions they’ll make, but they have an option on me for the next Thor movie”.


Which doesn’t really answer the question, but leaves the possibility for Selvig to make another appearance open. With another two years to wait in order to see Thor: Ragnarok, set to be released on November 3, 2017, there is much more that we have yet to discover about the film’s story and development. In the meantime, you can check below an interview with Skarsgård who discusses his character and its development in the movies, while on the set of Thor 2: The Dark World.




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