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Oh please let this be true. There has been no official word on whether there’ll be a second series of Humans but Will Tudor (malfunctioning synth Oli) is giving us some much needed hope. Speaking to Digital Spy, Tudor said, “I really hope it continues – as much as a viewer as someone who’s in it…It explores things that I’ve personally not seen on screen before, and it raises a lot of questions. In the first series, there were a couple of things where I thought, ‘Ooh, what about that?’ and ‘What if that happened?’… I think the writers have got a lot more they want to tell, that’s all I’m going to say!“.


Yay there’s hope. The brilliant series has gained critical acclaim, and has done wonders for Channel 4, launching with the channel’s highest ratings in over 20 years. Tudor goes on further to praise the show saying, “Sci-fi can be a cult genre…But with this, I think it’s so much about the relationships that it moves way beyond sci-fi. I think also it plugs into fears that everyone has. These ‘Synths’ are so eerily human, it really raises the question of what it means to be human – and that’s a massive question“.


Humanity and relationships are such a big part of the show and it could be argued that the focus on these elements is what has made this show such a success. One relationship in particular that comes to mind, is the one between inventor George Millican (WIlliam Hurt) and Odi. With Odi breaking down with old age, and George subsequently having to watch someone/thing he loves fall apart, their relationship poses the question of whether synths can really be treated as nothing more than mere household objects?


Revealing the inspiration for his performance Tudor explains “I tried to look at my old Windows 95 computers, and my old phones, and what happened when I’d had them for too long“. Tudors statement comes after that of Channel 4’s head of international drama, who stated that a second series of Humans is “very much under consideration. We’ve got a story that is told over a great many episodes and is very much designed to come back and return… We’ll be following those characters on a really epic journey” said Simon Maxwell. YAY. Fingers crossed.



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