Wiz Khalifa And Taeyeon ‘See You Again’ Collaboration Finally Released | Music News


One of the highlights of the yearly Mnet Asian Music Awards is a collaboration between a prominent Korean and a mainstream worldwide artist. Back in December, the honor of featuring in Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” stage fell to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, but the stage was cancelled last minute.


Things got a bit ugly after Wiz Khalifa claimed on Twitter that Taeyeon refused to perform and his fans began to accuse Taeyeon of racial prejudices. Both sides went back and forth to explain their sides of the story and eventually compromised by admitting the stage cancellation came from a simple misunderstanding.


Fans mourned the lost opportunity to hear Taeyeon’s angelic voice crooning Charlie Puth’s heartfelt lines in the song, but it looks like we’re in luck, because DJ Bonics, who worked with both artists for the MAMAs stage, dropped the full audio when he sat down to chat with radio station Go 95.3.


The audio watermarks over Taeyeon’s parts are a little annoying, but it’s definitely worth it to have this legendary collaboration see the light of day! Check out the audio below and let me know whether you prefer Taeyeon’s delivery or the original song!





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