WOAH BOY Releases Indie Pop Song ‘Let Down, Get Down’ | Music News


Indie pop artist WOAH BOY – real name Damian Bosiacki – has just released his debut single “Let Down, Get Down“, which is taken from his soon-to-be released debut EP titled Sure Sounds Nice.


The former ‘Escape Room’ creator describes the EP as “full of happy sounds scuppered with vignettes of unfortunate people and situations. Some of the artist’s biggest inspirations for this project were Paramore’s After Laughter and, well, life. He aimed to make a sad jam that people can dance to, a song that brings good energy but digs into the repercussions of a bad breakup“.


Coming from a background of creating immersive adventures, WOAH BOY takes this background into his songwriting and music-making process, revealing this exercise of writing songs as a puzzle that is much more than just configuring words and fitting them into a rhythmic scheme.


He instead describes the process as a feeling that can be built upon, dependent on various things such as whether you had a good day at work, or if the shower you’re singing in is cold because the water heater was broken. Music is in everything and “that everything is something he wakes up everyday ready to explore“, according to WOAH BOY.


Listen to “Let Down, Get Down” below:




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