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Britain’s Wolf Alice have shared a new song. Entitled “No Hard Feelings”, it comes with its official video. This is the first single of their upcoming album Blue Weekend. The album was originally due out on June 11 but, with the release of the new single, the band has announced that it will come out a week earlier, on June 4.


The music video was directed by Jordan Hemingway. In the video, we can see the band’s frontwoman, Ellie Rowsell, who seems lost in the night before joining her lover at a bus stop. The bus stop setting is the same one on the album art cover. At the end of the song, she gets on the bus and leaves him behind.


About this new single, Roswell shared this in a press release: “I started out trying to make a really cheesy almost Motown-y, Ronettes kind of song about the end of a relationship, and feeling ‘What’s the point of being miserable about it?’ But it was short, because originally it was played so fast.


I tried to make it longer, but I didn’t have any more words—I had said everything I wanted to say perfectly, and didn’t want to ruin it with more. So instead we slowed it down, and I felt way more moved by it like that“.


The band have already shared two other tracks of their upcoming album along with their music videos: “The Last Man On Earth” and “Smile”. Blue Weekend will be the band’s third album and follow-up to their 2017 album Visions Of A life, which won the Mercury Prize.


On May 4, the band made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where they gave the debut live performance of their single “Smile”. During the interview, Roswell also shared that she was “bricking it” in terms of returning to live music this summer. She also added, “But I can’t wait, I miss all of our fans and I wanna see them because it’s been far too long“.


Watch the music video for Wolf Alice’s “No Hard Feelings” here:




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