‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – A Visual Effects Spectacle Worth Watching? | Film News


Apocalypse is one of the grandest super villians ever created in the Marvel universe and the decision to implement this iconic character into the current X-Men franchise is a daunting prospect as it is uncertain on how director Bryan Singer will go about executing such a magnificent character on the silver screen. Apocalypse is known for his strong physique and muscular nature so the ideal solution is for Bryan Singer to create a visual effects spectacle that accurately portrays the might of this mutant.


A CGI extravagance will help propel Apocalypse to grandeur that has never been seen before in film history and secure the status of this character as a fan favourite, but this will come with an expensive production cost as Bryan Singer will need to be prepared to spend more than usual in the visual effects department. Alongside a big budget production expenditure comes the promise of big financial returns at the box office. Apocalypse is one valuable asset that 20th Century Fox can’t waste and they must be able to use such a tool to their advantage especially if they want to guarantee a very profitable summer in the near future.



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