Years & Years – If You’re Over Me | Music Video


With Years & Years’ sophomore studio album, Palo Santo, releasing in just a few months on July 6, the band have been lavishing their fans with teasers of the eventual release. This isn’t just limited to singles and music videos, as Years & Years have been posting cryptic hints detailing the inner world of the album on Instagram.


It creates a certain kind of illusion that’s only been emulated by a few artists previously. One such band was My Chemical Romance, who constantly created different worlds for their albums to reside inside, with their last album, Danger Days, featuring a psychedelic post-apocalyptic world.


The lead single off of Palo Santo, “Sanctify”, clearly illustrated a dystopian society inhabited by androids. This journey continues in their new single, “If You’re Over Me,” which premiered only a few days ago.


Watch the music video below:




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