YOUNGTONES Cuts The Chord With The Past On New Single ‘Ruthless’

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Sometimes you just need to trust the process and let it be. This is what happened with YOUNGTONES.

The project was born in 2017, during a recording session that took place at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

During this session, producer Matthew Young and Luke Wade started writing their first song together and in about an hour a new fantastic project was born.

The new melody was the result of something different from Matt’s typical pop centric productions, but also something far away from Luke’s singer and songwriter influenced releases.

A new style which became the trademark of YOUNGTONES. A mix of Soul and R&B sounds coming from the sixties and seventies, which creates well known melodies yet distinctively different with much more to discover.

Nowadays, YOUNGTONES remains a collaborative project when it comes to the studio side, while on stage and social media the “face” of the project is represented by frontman ad guitarist Luke Wade.

When talking about YOUNGTONES’s style and music Matthew Young says: ‘You don’t have to break someone’s heart with a song to connect with them. You can create a place with music everyone can escape to together… a pulse you can all move to together, we are so excited to share that experience with as many people as we possibly can’.

The collaboration between Matthew and Luke has been very successful and productive, with two or three song written every time the duo meets up either in their L.A. or New York’s studio.

The music collection they were able to create was undeniable and blended Soul and R&B with the sounds of their cities. YOUNGTONES started its releases with “The Sun” and since there, they have been publishing a song every month.

The duo is now celebrating the release of their last song “Ruthless – Live”, which is also the final song of their first album cycle of the group.

A rhythmic soundtrack featuring Casey Musgraves, The Wallflowers, Colbie Caillet, Denzel Curry, Scary Pockets, and Lord Huron.

“Ruthless – Live” is a song about cutting the chords with the past that hold us back and it has been welcome to be part of many curatorial playlists including Retro Sould and Soul N’ The City.

Listen to “Ruthless” on Spotify below.


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