Zimbabwean Australian Singer Thndo Begins A New Music Journey With New Single ‘Fall’

Zimbabwean-born, living in Australia, the talented artist Thndo has used her music to tell a story. A story of a black little girl growing up in a white country, among discrimination and displacement, reflecting the experiences of a social group which is often forgotten.

These experiences have been explores in Thndo’s second EP Life in Colour, released in 2021, marking the beginning of a new chapter in this artist’s career.

R&B, Hip Hop, and Afrobeat are part of Thndo’s style and heritage, and in her last EP they are combined with elements of TLC, Queen, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, highlighting her incredible talent for song structure.

Thndo is one of the promising rising star of the Australian music landscape, attracting wide crowds to every live performance she has undertaken at Bluefest, WOMAdelaide, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and Chapel Off Chapel.

Her powerful and triumphant performances were also praised by Keith Urban at The Voice Australia, where she claimed: ‘…hands down we just saw one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on this stage’.

Now a new music journey begins for Thndo, as she releases her new song “Fall”. A gospel and R&B soundtrack which unites the artist’s immersive songwriting and emotive performances with powerhouse vocals.

A devastatingly strong song which tells that some thing are just never going to work, making Thndo’s audience face a difficult reality made of universal fears and acceptance.

Experiences and memories of a long term love, followed by the ability of letting someone or something go, “too afraid to fall, I know you’re not at the bottom waiting to catch me, don’t want to risk it all, cause I could end up alone and lonely” as Thndo sings in “Fall”.

Listen to “Fall” on Spotify below.


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