Yumi Nu Highlights Her Musicality With New Single ‘Sandcastles’

On February 24, Asian-American singer-songwriter Yumi Nu released a new single “Sandcastles”, one of several songs from her new EP Hajime, which means “beginning” in Japanese.

“Sandcastles is about your sense of self and worthiness becoming wobbly and unstable as you put all of it in someone else’s court to decide”, according to the artist, who has always been a perfectionist, trying to do everything to please people. She expresses her feelings about the pain she may have experienced when she let other people’s feelings about her dictate how she felt about herself.

The song is about how fragile she has become at times by putting the people she loves on a pedestal. She said about the title, “While I strive to build a strong foundation of a home in myself, it’s only human to have my moments playing in sand”.

Based in Los Angeles, Yumi Nu is a recording artist and plus size model. Growing up in an entertainment driven family, she started singing lessons at age 12 and writed her first song by age 15. After a couple years as a pop artist on Dim Mak records, she took a brief hiatus from the music industry to refine her craft.

Back in 2021 with a set of new music and a new creative direction that pulls from Alt-RnB and Indie influences, the artist reborn from ashes. It can thus be stated that Hajime, the upcoming EP, which includes the song “Sandcastles” apt for Yumi’s new take on her music and self-expression.

Listen to “Sandcastles” here :


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