Jacklyn Deals With Relationships During Lockdown On New Single ‘Before I Go’

On February 24, London singer and songwriter Jacklyn released her first single titled “Before I Go”, and it is a lovely introduction of this new artist.

This soulful, timeless track with a modern kick, shines a light on Jacklyn’s brilliant vocal. Written on the piano during the first lockdown, the song talks about the tensions in a relationship, the effects of lockdown and how everyone has been affected.

To be more accurate, the singer-songwriter expresses her feelings about relationships when people get past the honeymoon phase and realise that there is more to it than that. She also talks about a topical issue: finding that balance between lockdown life and a healthy relationship.

Based in London, Jacklyn’s influences include Winehouse, Etta James, Erykah Badu and more modern influences like Rihanna. Her music brings a fresh perspective to these soul, jazz and R&B melody influences and roots through impressive vocals, raw and honest songwriting and contemporary, punchy pop production.

Singing from an early age, Jacklyn honed her innate talent at BRIT school, which explains her extensive vocal range and her compelling stage presence. Having worked with some incredible producers so far including Jakwob, Moodtalk, Jonah Stevens, it is with HYLNU that she worked on this latest track “Before I Go”.

Listen to “Before I Go” here:


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