Zac Efron Confirms He May Feature In New ‘Star Wars’ Movie | Film News

Zac Efron in talks to feature in new Star Wars film


The leading actor in High School Musical Zac Efron has confirmed that he met with Disney in regards to earning a role in the upcoming Star Wars film. Efron revealed this news while promoting his latest venture The Awkward Moment which is out in cinemas now. Star Wars has been the hot film topic for the last few weeks, with news of J.J Abrams completing the film script raging on.


An interviewer asked the cast of The Awkward Moment who they believe is most likely to get a part in the new Star Wars movie and this is when Zac Efron revealed that he is already in talks to feature in the film. However, an actor that has previously auditioned for a role in a previous Star Wars film has claimed that the franchise screens a lot of actors and meeting with the production crew does not mean an actor is guaranteed a role. There are reports that J.J Abrams may take a while to release the names of the cast involved in the next Star Wars film.



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