Zack Snyder Shares Pic Of Henry Cavill Wearing Christopher Reeve’s Superman Suit | Film News


When Zack Snyder was proposed to renew the character of Superman in his new film Man Of Steel, Warner Bros. didn’t dare to bet on a new actor after the failure of Superman Returns.


However, when Henry Cavill was auditioning for Man of Steel in 2013, Snyder decided to create a replica of the classic costume to prove he was the perfect man for the role and send them a picture dressed in the classic and iconic suit that Christopher Reeve wore.


On the occasion of the actor’s birthday, Snyder posted an image of the first time he put on the Reeve suit. “This is the shot I made in the studio with my Superman … and they agreed, we got the suit from the Warner Bros. archives and Henry honoured his legacy, happy birthday, my brother.”




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