Zapho And Ryan O’ Shaughnessy Collaborate On New Track ‘100 Ways’ | Music News


Dublin based artists Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Zapho have just released their latest track “100 Ways”, marking their first-ever collaboration.


Ryan O’Shaughnessy started his eventful music career aged 17. In 2012 he participated in Britain’s Got Talent with its track “No Name”, subsequently signing to RCA in London. After a successful tour in Great Britain and Ireland, Ryan created his own label, Bayview Records.


His career has been growing ceaselessly, with one of its peaks when he represented Ireland during 2018 Eurovision edition in Portugal with his song “Together”, raising awareness for gay rights globally.


Zapho, aka Ele Breslin, is a 26 years old singer, songwriter and producer. She released two singles and recorded her debut album in 2019, with many more collaborations in the works for 2020.


Ryan and Zapho combined their skills on “100 Ways”. The song was made from start to finish in 7 hours at the Bayview Songwriting Camp sponsored by IMRO Ireland, where the two artists worked immersed in the Irish countryside and surrounded by like minded musicians.


About “100 Ways”, Ryan and Zapho stated that is a song “about figuring out a new dynamic of not being with the person that you love and learning there’s a hundred ways to deal with a break up. A hundred ways to untangle the life you created with another person”.


Featuring elements of neo-soul, pop and R&B, “100 Ways” deals with the relatable topic of a relationship at its end. While waiting for the upcoming music video, be sure not to miss listening to this refreshing new track.


Listen to it here:




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