ZAYN – Let Me | Music Video


After Zayn posted a dramatic video on various social media pages announcing new music, he has finally released a new single alongside a new music video for “Let Me“. The music video was directed by Jose Padilha and features big name stars like Steven Bauer.


“Let Me” music video follows a similar story of his second single “Dusk Till Dawn” featuring Sia. The “Dusk Till Dawn” music video featured American actress Jemima Kirke and was directed by Marc Webb.


In this latest new music video, Zayn enters into a nightclub to talk with his gangster boss, and he falls headover heels for his beautiful girlfriend. His girl and Zayn get a little too close secretly without her kingpin boyfriend knowing.


Upon realising the situation, the gangster decides he wants Zayn eliminated. He sends his henchmen to fight him and they engage in some action-packed fight scenes. In the end, woman in question, who’s being held at gunpoint, gets one up on her man, saves Zayn getting shot and together they escape on a boat.


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Watch the music video below:




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