Zilo – Don’t Waste My Time | Music Video


From the moment she released the phenomenal soulful single to the world, it was only going to be matter of time before we got treated to a video. Young R&B music maker Zilo and her introverted ways come through centre stage in her brand new video for “Don’t Waste My Time“. Relatable vibes for loners everywhere.


“Don’t Waste My Time” serves as a important reminder to always value your own time, even if others are not. Sometimes you just have to shut the door, ignore the calls and be alone when you really need to.


The Bole Collective-directed video, sees Zilo in her own world. She sings her soulful blues while hanging out in her kitchen with a glass of wine, lying in bed (and a bathtub at one point) and being posted in the local park watching the trains go by.



Zilo has a lot more in the pipeline, with a full-length project titled The Nature Of The Beast due on September 2. Definitely need to keep tabs on this one.



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