Zubaida Zang Debuts ‘Wild (Girls Of Summer)’ Swimwear Collection | Fashion News


Nigerian born designer Zubaida Zang has released her swimwear line ready for summer, inspired by laid back 90’s vibes with Earth tones, spaghetti straps and nostalgic silhouettes. The collection, entitled Wild (Girls of Summer) is the designer’s début swimwear line, and was – according to Zang – created for “the girl with a strong sense of adventure, and an unquenchable desire for wanderlust. Those are the girls of Summer“. Based in Canada, Zang also cites a song by American rock band Aerosmith as an influence behind the designs. “The name really just stuck with me, and so ‘Wild (Girls of Summer)’ is really from me finding myself…tracing my roots, and knowing the kind of woman I want to be“.




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