‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 12 – Filibuster | TV Review – Conversations About Her

‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 12 – Filibuster | TV Review

Conversations About Her

‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 12 – Filibuster | TV Review


A filibuster, for those who don’t know, is when a politician hopes to prevent the passage of a bill by talking for hours on end. As for why this episode is titled filibuster? I haven’t the foggiest; I didn’t see any parliamentary voting in it. Pam (Amber Nash) is going through an interesting transformation as the season progresses it seems, namely into that of a skeleton. Her sunken eyes paint a profound portrait of the horrors of addiction or it would be, if the subject wasn’t Pam. She puts a happy face on everything doesn’t she? Those coca leaf smoothies reminded me of Troll 2, which is always a good thing.


The highlight of the episode, as much as I loathe to admit it, is in the form of a strange love-child between Star Wars and The New Testament. This is going to be an unpopular opinion I know but I’m not a fan of Star Wars. The first three movies, as in when they were released, are in my opinion just average movies. Maybe it’s because I’m not 35 years old. The joke itself though, before the rampaging hordes of nerds track me down, is less controversial.


Malory confuses the story about Vader killing Palpatine with Jesus Christ returning from the dead after 3 days. How she has gone through life without knowing this, is beyond me. I shall leave you with these three lines and may they confuse you as they did me. Lana: “But, spoiler alert, Vader ends up killing Palpatine“, Cherlene: “But only for three days, right? And then he moves the rock and comes out of cave stronger than ever“, Pam: “Then he shuts off the tractor beam, releasing the Jews from captivity“. Archer is available on Netflix.



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