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Pavel Dovgal + Starving Yet Full – Euphoria | New Music



Pavel Dovgal offers “Euphoria”, his latest track featuring ex-vocalist from Azari III, Starving Yet Full. The Russian, who left for Ukraine at a very young age, selected this particular album track to promote said latest upcoming project, The Aura, which comes out Friday, November 25.


“Euphoria” begins, suitably, with calm xylophone, snare washing over the listener. It is soulful, though melancholy does seem to pervade throughout the track. It is a short effort, but less inclined to bore the listener after repeated listening. The fadeout, chopped up and reversed, seems to ascend to the heavens. Euphoria from beginning to end.




01 Floating Beams
02 The Aura Feat. Blu
03 Nibiru
04 Inspiration / Inner Beauty
05 Euphoria Feat. Starving Yet Full
06 Waiting For The Sun
07 Quency Feat. Mujuice
08 The Soul Of Mbira
09 Changes feat. Graciela Maria
10 Vhs
11 The Highest
12 Euphoria (Bonus- Instrumental)
13 The Aura (Bonus- Instrumental)




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