Ridley Scott Set To Direct WWII Drama | Film News

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Ridley Scott Set To Direct WWII Drama | Film News


With the release of Alien: Covenant on the horizon, Ridley Scott is making sure he’s not going to be caught up in the xenomorph’s clutches for too long. He’s signed on at Fox to direct a film about a definitive turning point of World War II: The Battle Of Britain.


The project doesn’t even have a title or a script which shows you how early in development it is, but Matthew Orton, who recently wrote the upcoming Operation Finale, has been hired to pen the script. Matt Charman, writer of Bridge Of Spies, will executive produce.


This is reportedly a passion project for Scott, though he’s going to have to juggle it with the other meaty projects he’s got lined up. The real-life kidnapping drama, All The Money In The World, with Natalie Portman eyed for the lead, the ‘Godfather of drug war stories’, The Cartel, and potential western, Wraiths Of The Broken Land, are all on Scott’s plate. Not to mention he’s already expressed interest in continuing to direct within the Alien universe.


So yeah, he’s busy. Though no cinephile is likely complaining when a great director lines up projects that sound so good.


Alien: Covenant arrives Friday, May 19.



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