’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Writers To Adapt Serial Killer Tale ‘Covenant’ For Spyglass | Film News


10 Cloverfield Lane writers Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken have been hired by Spyglass media to write a serial killer story titled Covenant. Based on a short story by Elizabeth Bear, Covenant was first published as part of the anthology series Hieroglyphs: Stories & Visions For A Better Future.


The story follows a serial killer who is captured and sentenced to “rightminding”, a process that will neurologically cure him of his impulse to kill. However, this changes not only his brain function, but his body as well. And on one cold, Stephen King-esque New England morning, the hunter becomes the hunted.


Obviously much of Campbell and Stuecken’s work will go into elongating the short story into feature length, a process that can be fine but sometimes proves that certain short stories simply should have stayed that way. We’ll see what category Covenant falls into.


Campbell and Stuecken also wrote STX’s upcoming thriller Horizon Line, which stars Allison Williams. Spyglass are behind the upcoming Scream reboot.



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