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Singer, songwriter and cellist Tallie Gabriel  has released her first single “Story” on May 1! She is currently working on her first EP Little Death and will release it at the end of the quarantine lockdown.


Tallie Gabriel is a member of the folk band Cardboard Rocketship, whose debut album Hyacinth has already received about 20,000 streams.


She draws her inspiration from folk music, Bal-musette and classical motifs. Her warm music is composed of poetic and thoughtful lyrics. Tallie Gabriel has often been compared to great artists such as Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson and Sufjan Stevens.


The single “Story” is a song of love, worry and hope. This track is about the feeling of fear you can get when you feel that you are starting to fall in love. It’s a human fear of giving in to powerful emotions, and suffering as a result. It’s the fear of becoming attached to that person and that the relationship won’t last, and suffering from it.


In this sound, in addition to Tallie Gabriel’s voice and cello, you can also hear Halsey Harkins‘ soft voice and piano in the background, accompanied by the percussion of Julian Giaimo, who also mixed and mastered the piece.


Listen to it here:




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