17-Year Old Canadian Artist Luna Elle Unveils New Track ‘Perfect By Design’

Rising 17-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Luna Elle has released “Perfect By Design”, her most recent tune.

A groove R&B bassline and soft sprinklings of retro pop are combined in “Perfect By Design”. With a soulful vocal rendition that highlights the range of her buttery soft voice, Luna elevates the song to a new level. Anyone who appreciates doing a little two-stepping on the dance floor will also love the song’s subtle dancing grooves.

The feel-good nature of this track promotes self-confidence and feeling secure with the person you’re with. “I wrote this song after I had a conversation with my friends about our self-worth. The song is really about how you are more than 10 out of 10 and your love interest will never want to let you go because of that”, Luna shares.

Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Luna Elle, 17, is from Mississauga, Ontario. Despite being young, Luna has a mesmerising vocal range that, when paired with smooth instrumentals, provides a distinctive sound that is reminiscent of both traditional and contemporary R&B sounds.

Luna Elle gained a lot of fans after making her musical debut in 2021, including basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, who told his Instagram followers that Luna Elle is “next up you heard it here first”.

Luna Elle is on course to emerge as one of the upcoming major R&B performers to come out of Canada after garnering exposure from numerous international media sources and influencers, including Complex, BBC London Radio, CBC Radio, Funkmaster Flex, and many more radio stations in a little over a year.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Perfect By Design” below!


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