Dream Pop Artist Jaya Bremer Returns With ‘Our Potential’

Jaya Bremer, a promising figure in the Victoria music scene, continues to weave her unique blend of dream-pop with her latest single, “Our Potential.”

Known for her versatile involvement in music, from leading a gypsy jazz quintet and a Patsy Cline tribute band to her indie-rock ensemble Wise Child, Jaya Bremer has steadily built her reputation as a multifaceted artist. Following her 2020 solo album “Everybody’s Getting Married” and the recent single “Apartment 4,” Bremer’s new track marks a fresh chapter in her musical journey.

Produced alongside Austin Tufts of the renowned Montreal band Braids and Victoria’s own Chris Neal, “Our Potential” is a soft-electro dance track that resonates with the minimalist beats and candid lyricism reminiscent of Robyn.

The song unfurls over hand-drum loops and ethereal synth pads, leading to a mesmerizing, psychedelic outro that hits at 2:45. Bremer’s lyrics, imbued with a butterflies-in-the-stomach quality, explore the complexities and fantasies of a crush developed outside a committed relationship.

This song is about the longing and fantasy of someone else, someone you know little about and can project your desires onto,” Bremer shares. “Our Potential was written as an outlet for this desire, a way of exploring longing without compromising the commitments in one’s life.”

Apart from Bremer’s evocative vocals and synth play, the track features Chris Neal on synth and guitar and Austin Tufts on drums and synth, creating a rich tapestry of sound.

Bremer’s journey in music is as diverse as her sound. Singing since childhood, she completed a certificate in Jazz studies at the Victoria Music Conservatory in 2015. Her involvement in various musical projects and her selection for the Banff Centre Singer-Songwriter residency in 2018 propelled her towards a solo career.

With a sound that is melancholic yet quirky, touching yet dissonant, refreshing and familiar, Jaya Bremer’s music is poised to leave a lasting impact. “Our Potential” is an experience that grows on you, showcasing Bremer’s potential as a solo artist in the ever-evolving world of music.

Listen to “Our Potential” below!


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