20th Century Fox Apologises For Advert Featuring Jennifer Lawrence Being Strangled | Film News



They know it’s a movie right? 20th Century Fox has had to apologise for a bill board featuring an image of Jennifer Lawrence’s character Mystique being strangled by X-Men: Apocalypse antagonist Apocalypse.


Accompanied by the tagline, “Only the strong will survive” the image has angered many people who have accused the studio of promoting casual violence against women. Again, they do realise that this is a FANTASY film. FANTASY.


Actor and film maker Rose McGowan is one of the many women who appear not to enjoy seeing strong women fighting, and playing an active role in superhero movies, commenting:


[There is] a major problem when the men and women at 20th Century Fox think casual violence against women is a way to market a film”.


God forbid Lois Lane picks up a weapon in Justice League Part One. There is a difference between fantasy and reality and how people perceive them, please learn it.



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