4 Reasons Why Tape-In Hair Extensions Are The Best Type Of Hair Extensions To Ever Exist

Extensions give your hair the length, thickness, and dimension they need without any heat or chemical damage whatsoever. They help you keep up with the latest beauty and fashion trends.

However, the myriad types of hair extensions that exist can confuse anyone. Out of all the types of hair extensions on the market, tape in hair extensions are considered one of the best and easiest to use, and below are four reasons to prove that:

1. Most Affordable of the Lot

Out of all permanent and semi-permanent hair extensions, tape-ins are by far the most affordable ones. They are affordable specifically because their application is much easier as compared to sew-in or nano-ring hair extensions.

In addition to that, they have little maintenance cost as compared to other permanent styles due to the ease through which they are applied and removed. You would also find a price range just in the tape-in extensions. If something is too cheap, it’s best to avoid it and don’t compromise on quality.

2. Require Little Maintenance

Due to their thin construction and minimal width, tape-in hair extensions are the easiest to maintain out of all semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions. Hair extensions are so lightweight that one wearing them doesn’t even realize that they have them on. Once you have the tape-ins installed, you can simply forget about them for the ten weeks until your next scheduled maintenance appointment which will take less than 30 minutes.

3. Doesn’t Cause Any Damage

Tape-in extensions cause the least amount of damage to your natural hairline. Unlike clip-in hair and sew-in extensions that may tug at your hair, tape-in hair extensions do not cause any irritation or pull on your scalp if applied by an experienced professional.

They use a non-invasive glue to attach themselves to your hair, and a safe chemical is used to take them off hence minimal damage is incurred by your hair. Unlike clip-in and nano ring hair extensions, tape-ins are extremely lightweight and do not cause any strain to your scalp either.

4. Ideal for All Hairdos

Unlike other types of hair extensions that can be exposed in most hairdos, tape-in hair extensions are applied close to the scalp and their light weight makes them flexible enough to remain undetectable irrespective of the type of hairdo you make.

For instance, while clip-in hair extensions may not allow you to make a high ponytail, or sew-ins may not support a braid, tape-ins do not pose any such restriction. With tape-in hair extensions, you can dress your hair up or down freely without any inhibitions.


The above-mentioned reasons rightly summarize why tape-in hair extensions are the best kind of hair extensions on the market, and if you are a newbie to hair extensions, tape-ins should be your go-to from now on.


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