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Since the 90s, there have been tons of movies about casino gambling. In which all of them have perpetuated about casinos differently. Most of these movies have created a remarkable impact in the gambling community. In most of these movies, even if you are not a gambler, you will still have a lot of fun watching all the amazing plot and intense gambling scenes.


However, most casino movies feature actions that are not related to reality. They often deviate from portraying what really happens in the casino instead they give fans myths and misconceptions about casinos in Canada. Even though the casino movie might be fun and entertaining, knowing that they defy the real-life possibility is crucial.


The below information is evaluated based on myths the movie industry has perpetuated about casinos. It is true that not everyone that watches casino movies is a gambler or has an idea of what happens inside the casino in reality. Being the reason why you should take a look at the below myths the movie industry has perpetuated about casinos.

Casinos are Not Run by Criminals (Mafia)

A lot of movies have portrayed that casinos are always run by criminals often regarded as mafia. However, it’s all a bad idea because there are state laws that evaluate every casino business. So, there’s no place for a casino to be run by criminals.


Even if that was possible for a casino to be run by a criminal. Who would want to gamble in an uncertified casino? Casinos nowadays are highly regulated and secured by state laws.

Counting Cards Pattern

A lot of movies about gambling have always portrayed gamblers making use of shady skills like counting cards to win millions of dollars. However, in reality, it’s totally different and quite complex to count your opponent’s cards.


The skills of counting cards is not a lie for those that can master it. But making millions of dollars from this shady skill is definitely a lie. For the professionals that are skilled in counting cards, to be able to make C$100 in a day will be quite hard. Unless you will be stacking up to C$200 per hand.

Winning Roulette is Easy

It’s not a new thing that most movies show that winning roulette is pretty easy, unlike other casino games. However, that’s a lie because Roulette is also a casino game that can be won on luck. For example, in the Run Lola Run movie, Lola won a roulette bet as she bet on the number 22.


According to our expert lead man in guest post topics Daniel Bennet here, the truth is that winning casino games like roulette is based on a probability of less than 50%.

Anything Happens in Casinos

There have been a couple of movies where someone wrecks casino property. However, damaging any property of a casino shop or hotel will lead you directly to the police. And you will end up paying a huge bill.


In the case that you are found with restricted material or substance, such as guns, or drugs, you will be on your way to prison. There have been movies where people damage casinoproperties without having to be held accountable.

Casinos do not Hire Thugs (Coolers)

Casinos are known to properly screen all of their employees before hiring. For example, the movie titled The Cooler is about Macy who’s hired to stop gamblers from continuous winning streaks. However, in reality, casinos don’t hire thugs or coolers to interrupt the playing time of gamblers, let alone restricting them from winning. The casino myth the movies have perpetuated has made things a bit hard for people to differentiate reality from myths.


There have been so many cases where movies have wrongly perpetuated about gambling and casinos. The above list will enlighten you about what gambling myth movies perpetuate about casinos.



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