Sick Love Zine Launches ‘What’s It To You’ Series Featuring Shea Universe | Music News


What’s It to You!? is a six part interview series created by Sick Love Zine that aims to introduce its audience to up-and-coming artists whilst exploring issues or topics important to them, giving an hosted and informed insight into the artists and their lives.


Hosted by Tallulah Syron, the show is set on acting as an unconventional ‘get to know’ for the artists, offering viewers a deeper insight into who the artist actually is and what interests them.


The show will be airing weekly from the 14th of December (with a one-week break for Christmas!) and features a variety of talented and charismatic artists such as Shae Universe, P**sy Liquor, Suzi Wu, Elli Ingram, Quarry and Charles.


The series will cover a wide range of topics, from songwriting as a dyslexic to women in ancient history. These interviews are sure to be a great watch, not only for the topics discussed but the activities performed during.


Suzi was being tattooed by her sister Needle Nymph, P**sy Liquor were painting with vibrators provided by Naked Grapefruit, and Elli Ingram and Tallulah cooked us lunch! Our first episode with Shae Universe is out now, in which Tallulah travels to Watford to talk to Shae about being a woman in R&B and the wider industry, whilst they drink milkshakes in Kaspas.


As a result of the pandemic the music industry has become increasingly distanced from the audience. What’s it to You!? seeks to build a strengthened connection between artist and audience by providing an unfiltered look into the lives of a some of the UK’s finest up-and-coming talent.


Make sure to follow Sick Love on Instagram for regular updates on What’s it to You!? and subscribe to their Youtube. Watch the first episode with Shae Universe below.




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