A ‘Munsters’ Reboot In Development From Seth Meyers | TV News


We heard about a Miami Vice reboot last week, and here’s another TV remake in the works. A reboot of The Munsters, which first aired in the 1960s and followed a family of benign monsters who try to fit in with the typical working class people of their neighbourhood, is in the works through Seth Meyers‘ Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions.


The updated series will feature the family attempted to stay true to themselves while living in the hipster haven of Brooklyn, New York, updating the series from its original setting in suburban California. Jill Kargman (Odd Man Out) will write the pilot script and executive produce.


A reboot of the show was initially attempted in 2012 as an hourlong series with Bryan Fuller writing and Bryan Singer directing, but the pilot, titled Mockingbird Lane, was received poorly and not picked up as a full series, instead airing as a one-off Halloween special.


The success of the reboot will likely hinge on whether it can reimagine the show into something interesting, instead of just being a modern rehash of a show designed to draw old fans back again. Networks love anything with an established, built-in audience, but those projects only succeed in the long run if they’re actually any good.


Audiences can smell a dud pretty quickly. Fortunately, The Munsters lends itself to a contemporary setting and a bevy of irony and meta humour, so Meyers and co. are in a solid position to make this reboot work.



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