Is Geek Chic An Upcoming Trend? | Fashion News

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Is Geek Chic An Upcoming Trend? | Fashion News


Back in May, celebrities were seen teaming ankle socks with open toed sandals. The trend had also been seen before by fashion icon, Rihanna. The singer put her own twist on the trend with a previous collaboration where she matched metallic looking sandals with socks. It seems that pairing socks with shoes is becoming more and more frequent. Alongside the regular expected geek chic, it adds a preppy sense to what may be a sophisticated outfit, dressing it down for an out and about look.





Pleats, t-shirts tucked perfectly into high waist shorts or trousers rolled up to ankle height. The Geek chic look is easy to re create. The style can give you an impeccable look no matter the occasion or outing. Dressed up or dressed down, the look works whatever way. Making it an easy summer autumn go to look.







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