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From Devon by way of South London, British alt-R&B singer-songwriter Abisha follows up the rapid success of debut track “All That” by unveiling her effortless and prodigious new track, “Project X“.


“Project X” blends elements of R&B and soft electronica to create a dreamlike aura, which resonates in the song’s entirety. Her sultry vocals against the soft bass, this record uniquely straddles between dark R&B and more upbeat alternative sounds. The track prickles between fragility and assertiveness, her distinct vocal teases yet stakes its claim.



“‘Project X‘ is completely different from anything else that I’ve got up my sleeve right now and I’m so excited to be releasing it. It started off as an experiment – I wanted to create something that was completely unstructured and break the rules of a typical ‘good’ song a little bit.”


“The theme of the track is just being completely besotted my someone and hoping that they feel the same way. Its playful and massively flirtatious.”


Honing her alt-R&B sound with legendary songwriter/producer Mike Chapman, Abisha ready to push the boundaries of what the genre is capable of. Some artists reveal themselves in an instant. Others take the long way around, each release peeling back the layers of self slowly. For Abisha, the case is very much the latter and unmistakably all on her own terms.


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