Absentee Releases ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ From Debut Project ‘Love Letters of an Absent Mind’ | Music News


Absentee has just released a very personal song about dealing with the feelings of finding someone and rushing into something you are not prepared for, which is called “I Don’t Wanna Wait“. The name itself reveals the presence, in the song, of new feelings like excitement and irrationality over the relationship you create.


The Dublin-based young artist, indeed, writes using storytelling and wordplay, describing his own perspective on real life situations and delivering a unique and secure flow.


He takes his inspiration from famous artists like J Cole, Mac Miller, Joey Bada$$ and MF DOOM, to create his unique creative and Irish sound breaking into the Irish music scene.


“I Don’t Wanna Wait” is the third track from his latest debut EP Love Letters of an Absent Mind, and it is about dealing with the feeling after a toxic relationship. His sounds is always characterised by a piano melody backed by a powerful drum beat, reflecting Absentee’s intense and emotional mood.


Absentee excellently delivers highly emotive lyrics, sharing with his listeners his vulnerability deriving from the struggles with his mental health, while hanging on the beautiful feeling of hope that everything is going to get better. The artists often adds to his songs a chorus characterised by a smooth female vocal and gorgeous harmonies.


The sounds varies a little within the whole project, but it is mostly characterised by the alternation of chill lo-fi beats with some uptempo moments.


In the meantime, its main theme is always the same and describes the young feeling of a new relationship, from the good moments to the bad ones, which makes it coherent and cohesive with Absentee perspective on life and on his feelings.


Listen to “I Don’t Wanna Wait” below:




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