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Under the banner of his Netflix deal, Adam Sandler has made plenty of films with one common denominator – they’ve all been silly comedies. From The Ridiculous 6 to Murder Mystery to his latest, Hubie Halloween, all the films under the Happy Madison/Netflix deal have resided in the same genre. Until now.


As a part of his ongoing deal, Sandler has another movie in the works, but this one is serious. It’s a sci-fi drama set in space directed by Johan Renck, who helmed the acclaimed HBO miniseries Chernobyl.


Based on Jaroslav Kalfar‘s novel The Spaceman Of Bohemia, the currently untitled adaptation will star Sandler as an astronaut on a mission to collect ancient dust on the edge of the galaxy. While there, a mysterious voice speaks to him and offers him solutions to his increasingly volatile earth life. But he soon discovers this voice belongs to an ancient creature hiding within his ship.


Colby Day is penning the screenplay, while Renck is also producing alongside Channing Tatum‘s production company Free Association. Renck said in a statement: “I couldn’t be more pleased to have found the perfect partner in Adam. And now, with the support of the brilliant Netflix family, I am profoundly excited to set off on our impossible journey”.


This is a surprise, but a pleasant one. Sandler joked earlier in the year that if he didn’t get a Best Actor Oscar win for his Uncut Gems role, he’d make a film “so bad on purpose”, but perhaps the support he received for that film made him change his tune.


Seeing him lead a serious sci-fi drama should be fascinating. We know that he’s a terrific actor when he does commit to dramatic roles, but they’ve usually been grounded dramas like Punch-Drunk Love and The Meyerowitz Stories. Sandler in Space is something totally different.


The premise sounds somewhat similar to last year’s Ad Astra, and if this film can be as good as that one, perhaps Sandler won’t need to make threats about making bad movies after a future Oscars season.



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