Adele Worries She’ll Lose Voice On Stage | Music News



Speaking with Rolling Stone, Adele has expressed fears regarding losing her voice in a live environment, as well as the potential lack of touring in the future, “When I’ve sat down and thought, ‘what can I do to bring something new to the table?’ It was just like, ‘Tour.’ Because I haven’t done it properly”.


Regarding her voice, Adele concentrated on the possibility of a throat problem impacting her long-term touring strategies, “If my throat goes, I’ll never be able to do a tour again. I’ll be able to get my throat fixed again and do studio work, but do I want to do something and then fail at it and be too scared to every try it again?” Adele recently released “Hello”, the first single from her upcoming record 25, which has been fixed at the UK number one spot for the second week in a row. Check it out down below.




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