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After just two weeks of solid listening of his last stunningly beautiful single “Akureyri”, this voluntarily exiled musician has now dropped yet another stormer! “Slow Burn” will act as the fourth and final single off Crywolf‘s debut album, Cataclasm, which is due for release mid November. Crywolf breaks down all vocal boundaries in this powerful electronic ballad, distorting his voice in a unique robotic style and being more than willing to go full falsetto. I applaud this man’s bravery to venture into the unknown and produce a sound so very different to his electro-indie competitors. Crywolf‘s recent tracks contain enough evidence within themselves to prove experimentation certainly pays off.


On Crywolf‘s Soundcloud page, he writes: “Slow Burn is about the imprint a person leaves on you after they are gone… The particular shape of their absence. The realization that they are now just as defined by that absence as they once were by their presence. They are gone, but they won’t leave. Burrowed deep in your head, swimming around through your synapses… A nostalgia so strong that it’s painful“.




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