ADISH Unveils Debut Collection With Palestinian Inspiration | Fashion News


ADISH, which is a Tel Aviv (Israeli) brand, has disclosed details of their first ever collection along with a spring/summer 2018 lookbook. The new unisex collection that has acquired the name ‘We Made You‘, is a collection that consists of influences of Palestinian history. ADISH is a label that has been working with a group of more than 30 Palestinian hand-embroiders, not to mention the New York based artist Jordan Nassar.


It is also the brand’s goal to to show the possibility of collaboration, and the benefits and power of it, despite the regional divides. Their ‘We Made You’ collection contains various staple pieces like hoodies, T-shirts and sweatpants, plus accessories such as caps and bucket hats. The whole collection has a finished touch by the ADISH logo or colored flowers.


View some of the selected items from ‘We Made You’ below.














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