Alex Mighten Releases New R&B Single ‘Final Word’

UK talent Alex Mighten, formerly known as Karizma, has released his latest banger with “Final Word”.

The single is composed of a bouncy R&B beat accompanied by cymbals and swagger. On the melody, Alex is easily switching between velvety vocals and hard-hitting bars. The chorus and some of the verses bring a little bit of reggae to this single.

The text of the track is about the downsides of relationships but it also talks about the idea that when you are arguing with someone you love, there is no winning or losing.

Alex stated: “This is a track that highlights the inevitability of strong disagreement in relationships, but in the end these things belong to life and having the final word, wins the argument, but when you belong together it comes with the territory.

It is highlighting the relatability and normality and disagreeing with stuff. Strong words don’t spell the end, just wanting things to be right.

Alex Mighten has continued to evolve his sound after gaining notoriety in the renowned musical crew Out Da Ville. He has spent his childhood fascinated by his mother’s Prince records and this fascination for the pop star led him to discover an array of genres and of instruments.

After that, his imagination captured by everything guided him on his own creative journey. He chose to mix together his love for music and poetry and began rapping. He inspired himself from the likes of Nas, De La Soul and Tribe but created a sound that is entirely his own.

Alex took a hiatus from 2012 to 2019 and then spent some time in Italy to learn how to play jazz piano and prepared himself for his anticipated return to music.

Listen to Alex Mighten’s latest single here:


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