Algerian-Canadian Artist Meryem Saci Shares New Track ‘Something To Remember’

Meryem Saci is an Algerian-Canadian singer, songwriter, and emcee, and she showcases her impressive vocal range and unique blend of musical genres in her latest release, “Something To Remember”.

With influences ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, and Afro-Arabian rhythms, Meryem captivates audiences with her commanding voice and celebrates resiliency through her music.

In her music, Meryem explores the connection between analogue and digital creation, often collaborating with beat-makers and musicians to give her digital base a more natural sound.

The new release, “Something To Remember” combines drill, hip-hop, and R&B with lovely vocal melodies and draws from the artist’s own challenging circumstances to tell a moving tale about overcoming hardship.

Growing up with a difficult upbringing and being frequently abandoned and forgotten, Meryem found courage in her hardships and used them as fuel to forge a meaningful and purposeful existence.

With “Something To Remember”, she inspires listeners to find their own strength in the midst of difficulty and pays homage to the strength of resiliency and tenacity.

The song is upbeat and gritty, with powerful sounds and motivational lyrics that will appeal to music lovers across all genres.

For Meryem, who has already made waves in the music industry with her distinctive style and genuine honesty, “Something To Remember” heralds the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her burgeoning discography.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Something To Remember” by Meryem Saci below!


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