Canadian Artist Genevieve Charbonneau Drops New Single ‘Symphony of Sorrow’

Heartwood 2020 – Summer Photoshoot

With her latest song, “Symphony of Sorrow“, Canadian singer-songwriter Genevieve Charbonneau attempts to find the light in the shadows.

According to her, “Though ‘Symphony of Sorrow’ is a breakup song, it’s really about using music to process the grief and find hope in the life after.”

About how the song came together, she adds that, “Producer Adrian Dolan composed an incredible string section to accompany my melody and lyrics and I decided to use Leonard Cohen’s very popular and hauntingly beautiful song ‘Hallelujah’ as a reference. The structure of the verses echoes that of his song, and there are also several direct references lyrically.”

Genevieve Charbonneau is a singer-songwriter from the Cowichan Valley, balances parenting her three boys, gathering produce from the garden, and carrying firewood to heat her earthen house with writing songs about love, loss, and rural living.

Although bluegrass rhythms, Americana, pop, and folk are all present in her music, it has folk and old-time country roots. Her songs seamlessly transition from witty love ballads and rousing political hootenanies.

She is a talented vocalist and performer with a vibrant stage presence and charm. She is a skilled actress, dancer, and a longtime member of the multi-awarded Balkan Babes.

The song “Down Down Down” by Genevieve was a finalist in the 2017 International Acoustic Music Awards and won the 2017 BC Musicians Songwriters Contest.

Both of Genevieve’s albums, Updraft (2014) and Fine Line (2016), received several nominations and Producer of the Year Awards at the Vancouver Island Music Awards. Heart is a Tower, her most recent CD, peaked at #15 on the International Folk DJ rankings in 2019.

Genevieve led the band Genevieve and the Wild Sundays for five years, touring around Ireland, British Columbia, and Vancouver Island. She most recently formed the folk power duet Heartwood with singer-songwriter Jack Connolly. She has performed at several music events, including ArtsWells, Rifflandia, Islands Folk Festival, Vancouver Island Music Fest, and Rifflandia.

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next, in the meantime, listen to the single below:


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