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Canadian musician Allie X has announced that she will be playing her first live UK date on April 5, playing at London’s popular venue Birthdays, and you can find tickets here.


She commented about the UK date: “Finally I’m coming across the pond to perform! I am so Xcited to meet all the UK X’s”. Before her musical persona Allie X, Allie Hughes would perofm with a few different bands in the cities indie scene, telling Billboard she was “hiding out in my shoebox apartment and making ideas every day,” and experimenting with different styles. After scoring a publishing deal and moving to LA to be a songwriter she still viewed herself as a solo artist, she said:


“When I was writing that material, and I was never thinking, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a songwriter and write for other people, I moved into a place out here and picked up the pace even more. I think I’ve written 200 songs since I came out here in July”.



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