Alternative Pop Duo Moon Rise City Unveil New Single ‘Crawling Slowly’ | Music News


When two strangers succeed to make good music together, that is what we call a success story. Indeed, South African singer and songwriter Lauren Tracey met the French guitarist Indy Laville in Vietnam, and they’ve instantly made sparks. They combined their different cultures and ways of living to create the most perfect duo and make Moon Rise City exists.


To begin 2021, the group have launched their 4th single which is called “Crawling Slowly”, it will be the first of the year but not the last as they’ve decided to release a track every six weeks this year. What an exquisite resolution and it will give some solace to people during this difficult period.


To give some explanation about this newly released single, Lauren said, “A lyrical story. What starts as a love song, ends a message of empowerment in being alone & discovering your truth. The pull between following your head or your heart, right and wrong, fight, or flight. Noticing your negative patterns and making changes. Leaving toxic people and situations behind. Choosing freedom & independence”.


Moon Rise City have found out a special signature in term of musical tone which results from a perfect blending of alternative pop, indie, soul, swing, jazz, rock and psychedelic influences. This mix makes quite an interesting musical tone which should be liked by many.


Listen to “Crawling Slowly” below:




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