Estonian Group DeLULU Release New Single ‘Safer Than Home’ | Music News


DeLulu is an Estonian group from Tallinn and has the particularity to be fully constituted of already established musicians. This group take their inspiration from several great artists of their generations such as Tom Mish, Emilie Nicolas, Jordan Rakei, Flume aand Billie Eilish. Each member of the band plays a key role in this group to create an outstanding harmony.


We can find singer Inga on vocals, Mairo on keyboards and saxophone and finally Taavi on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.


With their new single “Safer than home”, the group wanted to show that a home cannot be always be stigmatized as a tangible place like a house, howeveer a home is a place where you feel a sense of belonging and that can change as many times as you want. According to the group, “Home is a state of mind with someone who offers comfort and a safe zone”.


“Safer Than Home” is a perfect blending of different music styles such as R&B, electronica, jazz, but also the modern soul. The single begins with instrumentals and make you dive into their universe, with the vocals supporting this sensation and make this feeling stronger. Thanks to the maintained rhythm, we can easily focus on the goal of this song. In other words, the group succeed to deliver their key message.


Listen to “Safer Than Home” below:




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